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Whether you’re here for your first tattoo or you’re running out of space on your body, everyone is welcome.


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Studio Sailor
Korsjespoortsteeg 13A
1015 AP Amsterdam


Everything depends on good communication. Feel free to share your wishes and we’ll incorporate them into a tattoo design.


Are you choosing an existing design (a flash design) the artist will tattoo exclusively on you? Or do you have an idea yourself and want it turned into a tattoo? The choice is yours.

Placement and size

The placement and size will be decided during your appointment. We’ll choose the best positioning on your body and the size that suits you.

Tattoo time

The real work begins and before you know it, you’re walking out the door with a new creation on your body! (And a new empty space where your next tattoo will be ;))

About the Studio

Welcome to Studio Sailor, a tattoo studio in the heart of Amsterdam.


Within walking distance from the central station, in one of the cosiest and most beautiful neighbourhoods: de Jordaan.


A relaxing homey ambience where everyone is welcome.

Walk in without an appointment?

The best ideas sometimes come spontaneously! That’s why at our tattoo studio in Amsterdam, you are always welcome for a walk-in. Do you have a sudden inspiration or a long-cherished idea that you want to immortalize on your body? Our tattoo artists are ready to bring your creativity to life.

Whether it’s a small tattoo or a larger piece of art, you are always welcome to walk in without an appointment. Our team is ready to provide you with expert advice, experience and creativity, so that your tattoo becomes a true work of art that you will cherish forever.

Way of working

At Studio Sailor, we understand that each tattoo should be a unique expression of your personality and style. Our approach is focused on creating a pleasant and personal experience, where we transform your ideas into a beautiful tattoo.

Open communication


We focus on open and clear communication with our clients. This means that after you share your ideas with us, we have some contact online beforehand. In the studio, there is, of course, all the space to further shape your wishes (placement, size, etc.) Our aim is to take your story and idea and translate this into a unique tattoo design that suits you.


Exclusive flash or custom design?


At Studio Sailor, you can choose a flash drawing or have a custom tattoo designed. A ‘flash’ is an existing design, often in the style the artist specializes in. Most flash designs are done once, but be sure to ask your artist about this. Alternatively, we can also develop a custom tattoo based on your own ideas. Do you have a fun idea? Send it to us via the booking form and we’ll get to work on it!”


During the appointment


Finally, time for the real work in our tattoo studio in Amsterdam! Our professional tattoo artists work with utmost precision and care to bring your ideas to life on your body. We strive to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the tattooing process, so you feel at ease throughout the entire procedure. Before you know it, you’ll leave our studio with a stunning new creation on your body and a feeling of satisfaction.

Our studio maintains a professional and hygienic working environment, where you can get your tattoo with peace of mind. We only use high-quality materials and follow strict sterilization protocols to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience. Our tattoo studio in Amsterdam is licensed by the GGD (Municipal Health Services).”

Tattoo styles

At Studio Sailor, we embrace your ideas and together we create a unique tattoo. Here are some styles that we can offer:

3. Patchwork Tattoos

5. Minimalist Tattoo

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